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Painless Facilitation

Some will say it’s impossible, like bringing the Hatfields and McCoys together for dinner...

But in fact, creating a less-confrontational, more easy-going relationship between manufacturer sales management and distributor sales management is not only possible, it’s essential to your business profits.

Love-Hate Dynamic

Addressing that age-old “love-hate” relationship and defining it to the benefit of both “sides” is a specialty of CEO Strategist Rick Johnson.  Long ago Rick discovered the vast potential of team building, and he’s seen the incredible payoff associated when these traditional opposites can be brought together to work effectively.

Rick’s facilitation program directly addresses the misperceptions and focuses on the realities of the manufacturer-distributor partnership, to emphasize the value
of both sides of the equation.

Bringing sales management from both sides of the table together, to explore ways to improve the partnership, can prove extremely valuable.

Rick's consultation starts with a review of results from a survey sent out by CEO Strategist to all involved sales and sales management personnel prior to the scheduled meeting. This survey provides the platform for improvement.

Participants come away from this candid consultation with specific action items assigned during the meeting. Both groups gain a better understanding of one another by identifying problem areas that need focus and improvement, and they have realistic action plans for addressing those areas.

Let Rick facilitate a stress-free relationship between manufacturer sales management and distributor sales management that will pay for itself with increased profits and greater efficiency. 

Contact Rick Johnson about his facilitation services to help you create stress-free relationships within your organization.