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Lead Wolf Interview Guide Kit

Recruiting & Retaining High Level Employees

Rick Johnson

How would your company benefit if all your managers were skilled at job analysis, writing job descriptions and conducting effective employment interviews?

Would employee attitudes be energized? Would manager confidence be increased? Would recruitment and retention improve dramatically?  Might the workplace atmosphere be more vibrant and electric?  Would morale be higher?  Could sales and profits be higher? 

Yes, all these things could happen if your company was populated with high achievers. 

Recruiting and retaining high achievers starts with the interviewing process. And yet, most companies don’t train their managers or their executives on the interviewing process. It’s left up to Human Resources, if they have a Human Resource department, or more accurately it is often left to chance.

So how do you transform your managers into skilled interviewers and create a more effective job candidate process? 

1. You must first understand the job requirements of the open position.  This may require performing a job function analysis and rewriting the job description.

2. You hire the total person.  People don't turn off their personal life when they arrive for work in the morning.  You need to completely understand what you are looking for in a candidate. 

This means you need to be providing your people with interview skill training – so they can recognize talent as well and character and how potential employees will fit in to the organization. So they win. The company wins. And you win.

What are the teachable skills and tools of interviewing, job analysis and creating job descriptions?

There are many and the “Lead Wolf Interview Guide Kit” can dramatically improve your hiring success. The Kit is available on CD or as a digital download, and includes the “The Lead Wolf Interview Guide” and “Sample Job Descriptions Manual.” The Sample Job Descriptions Manual is 56 pages long and includes 25 sample job descriptions that are specific to the wholesale distribution industry.

The Interview Guide will teach you, your team and managers:

You will also receive 2 bonus reports -- a guide to compliance issues most businesses face AND the Performance Review Checklist.

Provide your people with the proper training – so they can interview successfully and hire successful applicants! Contact Us to order "The Lead Wolf Interview Guide Kit" today!

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