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Leading the Pack: Model Driven Leadership for the 21st Century by Rick Johnson

Leading the Pack [Hardback]

Model Driven Leadership for the 21st Century

by Rick Johnson

Effective leaders are only as good as the team that surrounds them. This book is about leadership models that are the most effective in the 21st century. Read this more than once and studying the chapters provides tremendous personal value even if you already practice the ‘Lead Wolf’ leadership model defined by the author.

Each chapter helps you develop and refine your leadership skills under varying circumstances and scenarios. Creating meaningful change always starts with taking responsibility for your own situation.

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Written to help those on the path of growth rise to the next level quickly, “Leading the Pack” also helps experienced CEOs, presidents, and all other executives responsible for leading people to deal effectively with generational diversity, family-run organizational issues, and many other difficult challenges brought about by transitional and cultural change. Leadership development is only limited by your ability to see your own shortcomings and your willingness to take responsibility for them.

Leading the Pack” can help you improve your leadership skills even if you have perfected a successful model that works for you.

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