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Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf: The Evolution of Sales by Rick Johnson

Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf

The Evolution of Sales

by Rick Johnson

The world of sales continues to evolve, and the strategies that created success in the past are failing to generate the same level of success in the new century.

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Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf” details a simple but powerful technique for adapting to the sales evolution and creating success. Author Rick Johnson reveals the difference between those who are genetically programmed to play the game to win and those who simply play not to lose. Johnson challenges readers to think critically so they can play their own game. Those who recognize the value of the topics examined in this book can become true ‘lead wolves.’

Each chapter is presented as a story, and some include case studies and other activities to help readers relate the scenario to their own situations. This is a ‘must read’ for every sales person and every sales manager seeking improved sales results.

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