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Turning Lone Wolves into Lead Wolves: 56 Ideas to MAXIMIZE your SALES by Rick Johnson

Turning Lone Wolves into Lead Wolves [Paperback]

56 Ideas to MAXIMIZE your SALES

by Rick Johnson

To guarantee success in today's world of professional sales, you can no longer rely on the 'lone wolf' formula of the past. You must become a lead wolf. Sales professionals are high-energy, fast-thinking opportunity seekers who thrive on challenges and love to take control.

In the past this mind set was enough to create enormous success because it was built on a platform of relationship equity with the customer.

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However, today's customers are smarter, better informed, and more demanding, making the "lone wolf" success formula no longer viable.

For maximum effectiveness in today's sales industry, you must become a sales person who utilizes all of your company's assets, works proficiently with a unified selling team, and functions as a total solution provider.

This book includes 56 straight-forward ideas to transform your sales, in an easy-to-read format. These suggestions will put you and your sales team on the road to record-breaking sales!

Bottom line: you must evolve from 'lone wolf' to 'lead wolf,' and that's exactly what author Rick Johnson shows you in this informative and timely book.

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